Before I head to bed; I will want to clarify the issue of the VEEP not being invited to attend the inauguration of US President-elect Barack Obama.

The VEEP never said he was invited to attend Obama’s inauguration and was declining it. The Journalist asked him if he was attending Obama’s inauguration and he answered, ‘’NO’’.

He added that he needed to stay in the country to help the President to put up the administrative team and that Ghana has a mission in America to take care of that if they are invited.

What is the point in this entire hullabaloo about the VEEP not been invited when he has not said he has been invited.

The journalist who was granted the interview only capitalized on the fact that the VEEP stated he is not attending to put a headline up that; the VEEP has declined. This is absolutely stupid journalism and I call on the managers of GNA to get the journalist back to GIJ. We cannot tolerate these poor standards.

In less than 24 hours after the publication of that false statement; they then pick a headline from GHP and state that the VEEP was not invited and then again carry the story in a way to deceive the general public that, the VEEP was lying in earlier report by GNA. This is absurd journalism.

The Vice President of Ghana is such a decent man and will not say any stupid things like Kufuor and the NPP did to Ghanaians over the past 8 years. People in the NDC have been in government and have travelled to see the world already. This is not the time for them to exhibit their travel hobbies as NPP did.

God bless President Mills.

Credit: Kwabena Sarfo []