A member of Mahama’s legal team in the ongoing election petition has challenged the accountability of the Electoral Commission (EC) following their decision not to adduce evidence in the ongoing election petition.

“We have an EC who when a request for information was served on them in the past refused to respond. We have an EC that was served with an application to admit facts refused.”

Mrs Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong’s comment comes after the Supreme Court denied the request to have Mrs Mensa cross-examined.

The Supreme Court judges stated that the right of the EC to not testify be respected despite her public office, and therefore overruled the objections raised by Mr Tsikata.

During an interview with the press after today’s hearing, she indicated that the apex court’s decision to overrule the objection raised by Mr Tsikata prevents Jean Mensa from being accountable to Ghanaians on her mandate as the Returning Officer in the 2020 presidential elections.

“We have an EC who was requested to answer interrogatories, they refused to respond. We have an EC that was asked to produce documents relating to the election, they also refused.

“That is the kind of EC we are dealing with. Where are the principles of accountability? When is this EC going to be accountable?” she asked.

She stated that despite the “superior compelling arguments” of lead counsel Tsatsu Tsikata, the judicial panel ruled in favour of the “wishy-washy insipid” submissions presented by counsels for the First and Second respondents.

Meanwhile, Mrs Appiah-Oppong has indicated that the petitioner disagrees with the ruling of the court, therefore, will file an application of review.

In addition, she noted that a subpoena will be filed to have Mrs Mensa cross-examined.

Further to that, the petitioner is praying to the apex court to have its election petition case reopened.

The Supreme Court has ordered all parties in the case to simultaneously present their closing address before February 17, 2021.

Also, the court is expected to proceed hearing on the election petition, Thursday, February 18.