Waste management giant, Zoomlion Ghana Limited, represented the continent at the 2019 WasteExpo Conference held in Las Vegas.

Globally, the waste management industry continues to evolve in the areas of medical and infectious waste, odour control, organics recycling, plastic recycling, recycling systems, refuse trucks, waste management equipment among others.

Being an industry leader offering an integrated solution to Africa’s waste challenges, Zoomlion could not be left out of the opportunity to be exposed to significant innovations and industry standards that will go a long way to impact the future of waste management in Ghana and on the Continent.

Representing the African continent at the Waste Expo in Las Vegas, Zoomlion added its voice to the globally accepted concept of Value Addition to waste through the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies

Being the only African Company Exhibiting, Zoomlion Ghana Limited presented its expanding portfolio in the waste management industry in Ghana and Africa.

Exhibiting this year at booth #5026, the company’s’ representatives were constantly available at the booth for additional inquiries and in-booth presentations throughout the event.

 Zoomlion Ghana limited showcased the strides it is making in the industry in Ghana and on the continent to the amazement of the rest of the world.

About the WasteExpo 2019 Conference

WasteExpo 2019

WasteExpo is one of the world’s largest solid waste, recycling and organics industry event, which brings together multiple segments of the industry under one roof. This year’s waste Expo took place in Las Vegas from, May 6  to 9, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Over 600 exhibitors and over 14,000 participants attended the WasteExpo with players from the private sector, small, medium or large public sector waste management companies, manufacturers, suppliers and all key stakeholders in the industry globally together under one roof.

WasteExpo 2019 had a lot in store for attendees to expand their industry knowledge, including a plethora of new and exciting educational sessions, forums and events with the opportunity to make new connections, explore new technologies, and forge new alliances.  

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