A prison inmate who dared to rain curses on a prisons officer at the Kumasi Central Prison has been beaten to a pulp and locked up without medical attention, Joy News can report.

The inmate, whose name is not readily available, was one of three inmates accusing one prison officer named only as Master Mike of seizing his money.

The three prisoners were among a dozen being transferred from the Kumasi Central Prisons after yesterday's fire and attempted jailbreak incident.

According to Luv FM's Erastus Asare Donkor, three buses had come to convey some of the prisoners in order to redistribute them to other confinement facilities across the country.

The Kumasi Central Prison is a 600 capacity prison but the facility now houses over 2000 inmates.

Prison officials decided to decongest the prison Thursday, after a fire and attempted jailbreak Wednesday night, which left one prisoner dead and five officials severely injured.

But the decongestion exercise would later turn sour, Asare Donkor reported.

One of the inmates who had been marched into the buses to be transferred started hurling insults and curses at one of the officials.

He accused Master Mike of seizing his money, saying if the jailer does not return the money, the god of Antoa,[ the name of river god in the Ashanti Region] should strike him dead.

The jailers did not take kindly to the curses and accusation.

On the orders of one of the jailers, the prisoner was dragged out of the bus and beaten severely by about ten prison officers, Asare Donkor reported.

The officers used batons in their assault of the inmate and left him bleeding profusely from his head and nose; his face drowned in blood.

The incident happened in the full glare of some journalists, with the Ashanti Regional Prisons PRO ASP Annang James defending the actions by the officers and daring journalists to report the incident.

The victim was later sent back into the cells where he could be heard groaning and shouting in pain.