Over 455 houses were burnt with 10,000 people displaced in thirteen communities during the recent conflict between Konkombas and Bimobas in the Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo district.

The conflict, which was said to have been sparked off by a quarrel over a girl led to torching of several thatched houses and the destruction of others.

Mr. Duut Azumah Abdul-Majeed, Presiding Member of the Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo District Assembly disclosed this at an emergency meeting of the assembly members, chiefs and elders of the district with Alhaji Mustapha Ali Idris, the Northern Regional Minister in Bunkpurugu on Friday.

The meeting was to afford the Minister the opportunity to assess the security situation in the area following the conflict and to interact with the assembly members and the chiefs on ways of restoring peace in the district.

Mr. Abdul-Majeed said the effects of the conflict combined with the food shortages brought about by the floods had worsened the plight of the people.

He said the conflict had led to many teachers and other workers leaving the area while school properties had also been destroyed, making it impossible for pupils to attend school.

He said that there would be famine if the people were not given food relief and therefore appealed to the government to come to their aid.

Alhaji Idris appealed to the assembly members and the chiefs to educate their people on the need for peace and urged them to use dialogue to resolve misunderstandings among them.

He said the area was fast gaining notoriety as a conflict zone and warned that the security forces would be compelled to deal ruthlessly with any “trouble makers” who attempted to disturb the peace.

Source: GNA