Our left-hand strains,

Clinging to the quiver of Nkrumah's proteges,

Our right hand feigns,

Tugging at the bow of Danquah's progenies

Let our bearded torchbearers dabble in their ideological pilolo

Even if some are far-flung from Castro's Cuba

'Cause from this will be borne the people's Ayalolo

And from this, the venturemeister's Uber

Yes, these choices must not divide

They must unite

They must ignite, our nation's growth

These choices must not constrict

They must excite

They must incite, our communal passions

These choices must not detract

They must ensure

They must inure to our collective dreams

These choices must not disassemble

They should house

They should rouse the undead voices of this nation's freedom fighters!