The Registered Tenants Association of Accra Mall is accusing management of the Mall for quoting rent charges in United States dollars, a practice prohibited by the Bank of Ghana.

The Association is also unhappy about what it describe as exorbitant rent charges which is affecting sales negatively.

In a press conference held at the forecourt of the Accra Mall, the President of the Association, Rev. John Baidu Danquah called on management of the mall to reduce the excessive rent charges.

He also appealed to government to come to the Association aid.

“We cannot pay our bills. They charge us in dollars and we are suffering. We employ close to 2000 people and all our staff will go home if we don’t get help. So we are asking the government to come to our aid.

“We pay rent in dollars while we sell in cedis and it is not helping us. We are suffering here.

“They should reduce the rent. Anytime we petition management about our plight, that’s when they send threatening messages”, he fumed.

Mr. Danquah further indicated that the poor treatment by the management of Accra Mall, including inadequate compensation, will collapse their businesses if government does not come to their rescue.

“It has really drained the businesses here at the mall. Every shop, every business and every brand is suffering because the rent is just too much. So if we don’t take care, all the businesses are going to run down,” he stated.

The tenants are also calling for a reduction in rent charges with appropriate compensation as Covid-19 impacts negatively on their businesses.

In a letter sent to tenants of the Mall by management and cited by Joy Business, it indicates that tenants must pay their “Lease Agreement” to which the amount is quoted in dollars as $62, 279, 24 within three days.