The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Ada West, Adzoteye Lawer Akrofi is alleging threats on his life from some anonymous callers.

According to the DCE, he believes the unknown callers are threatening him because they are unhappy with the recent takeover of the Songhor Lagoon Salt Mining enclave by Electrochem Ghana Limited.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Kwame Yankah, the DCE said he has received more than twenty calls from a person vowing to burn his official residence and family home.

 “I think it was a planned thing, because, anytime the call came through, I could hear people hailing the caller and it distorted our conversation.

“The last call before I stopped receiving more, they asked me to meet up with them on an island within Songhor for reasons they could not disclose to me.”

Mr. Akrofi said he has since reported the case to the police.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Toflokpo, Nene Mayorlo Dadebom Anim (II) is accusing the DCE of shirking his responsibilities by refusing to visit victims of a recent attack at Lolonya, a community in Ada.

But Adzoteye Akrofi says he has not visited the victims because of the threatening phone calls.

He insists he will not visit the victims until the police give him the green light to do so.

Sources say the victims of the attack are receiving treatment at Ada and Ridge Hospital in Accra.