The National Inspectorate Board (NIB) has asked Private Schools to engage the various Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) to address problems associated with online teaching and learning in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The online learning process which has been the most adopted mode of providing education to students since the closure of all schools has been associated with various challenges.

Issues of internet data packages, weak internet connections and unavailability of a working timetable have over the weeks been raised among tertiary students who have called on the Ministry of Education to review the new learning procedures.

But in its statement calling for a resolution, the Board stated that it has received various complaints from parents on difficulties associated with the use of this teaching and learning mode, hence the need for collaborative efforts.

“Parents have expressed concerns on the following: ‘How do they prepare their wards for online classes? and ‘How do they prepare themselves to support their wards?’ and ‘Whether they are to pay the school fees of their wards in full or not?’,” the statement said.

While emphasising that a collaboration between the schools and the Association will settle the listed challenges, NIB also used the opportunity to urge all private schools to have an active PTA.

The Board stated, “PTA is a requirement for certification as a school by the NIB and thus it is important to engage PTAs to secure the support in delivering quality education to learners.”

They also stated that schools without PTAs will not receive a certificate for registration by NIB or their existing certificates will not be renewed.