The Total 2019 African Cup of Nations kicks off in Egypt this Friday, and some national teams have already started arriving ahead of the tournament.

DStv and GOtv customers are in for the most comprehensive coverage in HD on SuperSport, with expert analyses and commentary
both in English and Pidgin.

All 52 matches of the tournament will be available to the different DStv packages, with selected matches on DStv Access subscribers.

On GOtv, the 52 matches will be available to customers on GOtv MAX and GOtv Plus packages.

Managing Director, MultiChoice Ghana, Cecil Sunkwa-Mills said, “Pidgin is a popular language from across the sub-region; we received good reviews when we introduced commentary in Pidgin English during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

“I am proud to announce that we will bring it back as part of the commentary for the 2019 African Cup of Nations.”

Customers can switch between languages by pressing the Options button on their remote controls, scroll down to Language and use the Right Arrow button to select different language tracks to get the commentary in Pidgin.

The AFCON broadcast will also feature magazine programmes like Journey to Egypt that will detail how Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa amongst others qualified for the tournament, while Hello Africa is a light-hearted Saturday morning programme showcasing the best of Egyptian flavour, tourist attractions and hospitality options in the Land of the Pharaoh’s during this Africa
soccer fiesta.


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