The African Youth Badge Honoré Awards 2021 celebrates and recognises trailblazing young African leaders shaping Africa in their various disciplines despite the significant effect of covid-19 on life and businesses.

These awards explore how today’s most dynamic young African changemakers are leading a new way forward as we chart a course towards a post-pandemic world.

The African Youth Badge Honoré Awards 2021, an initiative of Young Global Leaders Network, organisers of Young African Leaders Summit 2021, is an international youth leadership development organisation with an active presence in Africa.

The Young Global Leaders Network is a youth leadership development organisation, and a registered company in the UK, Ghana, South Sudan, Sierra Leone and 12 other African countries.

This is a network of young social and business entrepreneurs, young politicians, young diplomats, young business leaders, innovators, educators, policymakers, young professionals, future leaders and talented young men and women changing the world with their talents.

The network seeks to be the world’s leading organization that trains, mentors and prepares young leaders for diplomacy, politics, business leadership, and entrepreneurship.

The committee is responsible for this initiative set for themselves criteria and received nominations from members and management of the organisation as well as the public.

Nominees were scrutinized and the below list were voted for to receive the award.

African Youth Badge Honoré Awards Recipients 2021

a. Filsan Abdullahi, Former Minister of Women, Children & Youth, and Peace
Activist, Republic of Ethiopia

b. Dr Teni Adesanya FIDPM, Executive Chairman, Oxford Holdings PLC, Federal
Republic of Nigeria

c. Yar Telar Deng Member of Parliament Yirol West Constituency,
Republic of South Sudan

d. Charles Ohene Kwame Frimpong, Investor and Serial Entrepreneur, Republic
of Ghana

e. Charlotte Magayi, CEO & Founder, Mukuru Clean Stoves, Republic of Kenya

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