The Police Hospital has been ordered by an Accra High Court to submit to it a medical report on the condition of coup suspect Dr Frederick Mac-Palm.

This is to enable the court to know whether to grant a request for further medical examination.

Dr Mac-Palm was sent to the police hospital a fortnight ago after he reported of ill health.

According to his lawyers, the first accused person was still not in good health and needs some specialist’s attention.

The magistrate, Eleanor Bans Botwe, upon the request, ordered police hospital to present the medical by February 13.

Dr Mac-Palm, together with Donya Kafui, alias Ezor, a blacksmith, and Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu, a freight manager, have been jointly charged for conspiracy to commit a crime, to wit, manufacturing of arms and ammunition and possession of explosives, firearms and ammunition without lawful authority.

Kafui and Mac-Palm were slapped with two extra charges – while Kafui faces additional charges of manufacturing six pistols and 22 explosives, Mac-Palm faces a further charge of possessing 22 explosives, six pistols and three hand grenades without lawful authority.