Nana Ama Dadzie at the 3Music Women's Brunch

Famed background vocalist Nana Ama Dadzie on March 8, was honoured by 3Music Network at a brunch organised to celebrate women in music on International Women’s Day.

The singer received the award for her immense work and her fight for recognition for others like her who work behind the scenes.

Nana Ama Dadzie, has since the mid to late 90’s been the vocal power behind some of the greatest hits of the late 90’s and 2000’s. 

Her extensive work and catalogue as a background vocalist in unparalleled. 

She’s worked with almost all the top Ghanaian talents one can think of and backed more than 1500 songs most of which became runaway hits.

She also worked with numerous producers including the famed Zapp Mallet. 

She’s in the last few years she has led the call and made a strong case for better engagement of people who play pivotal roles behind scenes in shaping the most important product of the music industry, the MUSIC. 

This call from her for inclusion and her extensive work makes her a perfect addition to the 3Music Women’s Brunch honours roll.