Mrs Barbara Korkor Davidson

With regrets, the family announces the death of Mrs Barbara Korkor Davidson (née Barbara Ocansey) aged 79, on 16th November 2021, in Accra.

Funeral arrangements are as follows

January 14, 2022 at Ocansey House (Rainbow School) School, Accra Newtown from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Burial service:

Saturday, January 15 2022 at the Wesley Methodist Church Big Ada at 7 am


Black and white


Private burial at the Ocansey Royal Cemetery Gorm, Ada.

Thaanksgiving Service

January 16, 2022 at the Wesley Methodist Church Big, Ada at 8:30 am




Issac, Augusta, Francis, and Disraeli


Eric Ofori-Appiah


Aubrey Tetteh-Bibio Ocansey(Deceased), Madam Doris Akler Ocansey, Mr Hubert Teikotse Ocansey(Deceased), Mrs Peace Ocansey-Colerangle, Mrs Victoria Akuyo Ocansey-Palm, Mrs Frances Baby Ahene ( Deceased)

Nephews and nieces:

Kartey Ocansey and siblings, Kwame Poku and siblings, Nora ADEDE Ocansey and siblings, Moses Ocansey and siblings, Francis Nana Colerangle and siblings, Edwin Awuley Palm and siblings, Percy Ahene and sibling


Mrs Helen Akpolidze Ocansey (née Amesimeku), Simon Kwakudua Ocansey and siblings, Yvonne Adede Otumfuo of Somanya and siblings, Augustina Ohui Ayittah
( née Kizmeh) and siblings, Captain Patrick Sogbojor and siblings, B D Ocansey and siblings, Madam Asi Ocansey (tie and dye) and siblings, Phyllis Kwakuor Quartey and siblings, Kwasi Korsah and siblings, Bertha Nimaku and siblings, Joe Amenya Samuel Kubi, I T Adjovu, and Others, Amatey family of Ada and Accra

Aunties and uncles:

Mary Otutuah Nimaku and siblings, Florence Awura Ama Quaye and siblings

Chief Mourners:

Nene Detse Kabu Akuaku, Paramount Chief of Ada, Ne me Kabu Djabaku Kubi V, Dzasetse Ada Traditional Area, Naana Akler Amenya Dasenye, Kpodula, Nene Tetteh Abodunu IV, family head of Kabiawetsu, Nene Kabutey Aseme, Asafoatse Hlametse of Kabiawetsu. Nuno Nyameyie Kubi

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