Forty-six people, including juveniles, from the Bawku municipality were yesterday arraigned before a Bolgatanga District Magistrate’s court for breaking the curfew enforced in the area.

They were charged with breach of curfew under section 9 sub-section (A) of the Public Order Act of 1994.

Their pleas was not taken but they were granted GH¢400 bail each with one surety until May 21.

They were also ordered to report to the Bolgatanga District Police every two days or be re-arrested.

Police Inspector John Agyuwa told the court presided over by Mr Osman Abdul Hakeem that following renewed clashes in Bawku on May 4, the Minister of the Interior imposed a curfew on the Bawku municipality and its environs from 9 a.m. to 7 a.m. the following day.

He said the suspects were, however, arrested in the municipality at 11a.m. on May 5, for breaking the curfew.

The prosecutor asked the court to remand them in custody in view of the prevailing circumstances in the area.

However, Mr Douglas Seidu, counsel for 40 of the suspects, all of them Mamprusis, pleaded with the court to release them on bail quoting Act 459 of 1994 which entitled persons arrested for breach of curfew to bail.

The presiding magistrate then warned the suspects to behave themselves when they go back home or face the full rigorous of the law if they breached the conditions of the bail.

Meanwhile, 50 other youths who were arrested following the outbreak of hostilities in Bawku on May 5, are still on remand and will appear again on May 21.

Alhaji Karim Oga, a Kusasi opinion leader was gunned down on May 4, as he was returning home after prayers at the mosque

Source: The Ghanaian Times


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