The average person produces 5.91 pounds of trash with 1.51 being recycled. 4.40 pounds is the rough average daily waste per person; must say that it’s a lot!

The beach happens to be one of the most serene gifts to us humans from nature but ocean is not left in the right condition.

Recently, on a trip back to Ghana, my motherland I visited one of my favorite beach spots at Kokrobite in Accra, it was not the best sight to see. We use plastic in our day to day activities without the majority of the masses being educated on ways to properly dispose off plastic waste and so on.

We might not live next to the beach, doesn’t mean our actions do not affect the oceans

The QUESTION is where does this start from? I believe we produce more than we need which is all a onetime use which we do not dispose off in an orderly manner. Ghana happens to be a beautiful country which gets flooded when it rains heavily, caused by 50% plastic waste. Gutters, roads, beaches and other places in the environment are polluted due to improper dispose of plastic waste. I realized it is time to put an end to this problem.

HOW?  The brand BLCKATTITUDE BY EA (EDINAM AZUMAH) is an environmental friendly contemporary brand that recycles already existing fashion and plastic waste through designing fashion, art and craft items. I turn trash into art through recycling existing fashion waste and 100% degradable organic cotton fabrics carefully woven in Ghana.

Our afrotote bags are inspired by African art, the environment and its citizens. We all need shopping bags, laptop bags, snack and lunch bags etc.

If we all carried a reusable bag along with us to the market, school and wherever we find ourselves, we can reduce the use of excessive use of polythene bags

It is my mission to educate the youth and masses on plastic waste reduction methods, as well as ways to properly dispose off household waste in addition to creating beautiful artifacts through recycling. TRASH to GOLD.

Creating employment is necessary. By employing individuals stuck at home to clean up our beaches to get disposed plastic and other waste through the right process to decompose as well as to keep our environment clean. Change I believe starts from the right mindset and us as individuals.

Let us save our motherland

#prevent plastic waste pollution

#create art

#appreciate mother earth

Edinam Azumah