After waiting six years in hopes that government will fulfil its promise of reconstructing the Breman Jamera Methodist School in the Odoben Brakwa District in the Central region, the residents and chief say their patience has run thin.

Speaking on behalf of the people, Gyasie Hene of Breman Jamera, Nana Kwasi Ayine III bemoaned government for giving the people hope of a new structure after the town lost six kindergarten school children – ages four and five when the classroom block collapsed on them.

“When the building collapsed the Education Ministry through the Education Minister came here, they gave us promise that they were going to reconstruct the building,” he told JoyNews’ Richard Kwadwo Nyarko.

Indeed the construction did start, he said, but was halted mid-way with no notice whatsoever, leaving the students in discomforts and parents in uncertain, fear and panic for their children’s safety.

About 70 pupils were preparing to begin lessons when the tragic incident occurred.

A teacher in the school said they had noticed cracks in the wall and informed authorities, but nothing was done about it until the unfortunate incident occurred.

“The KG block is in a bad shape and since 2010 a crack started forming in the building but now the situation has deteriorated. We are scared it will collapse and cause mayhem on the pupils.”

In 2018, after the building collapse, the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) carried an inspection on the building and declared it “a death trap”.

He said the situation is not easy on the teachers who only are able to give out their best until 10 am after which some of them have to walk on the student’s tables to get to their sitting places.

Basic schools in the Central Region are hopeful that the Ghana Education Service (GES) audit and Education Ministry will carry on with their promise and complete the dilapidated learning facilities.