The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has urged security personnel enforcing lockdown to exercise restraint in the use of force on persons who flout the directive.

While commending government for taking steps to curb the spread of the coronavirus, CHRAJ said media reports of abuse and torture meted out to some residents in Accra and Kumasi by security personnel for allegedly violating the lockdown rules are worrying.

“CHRAJ recognizes that the country finds itself in an emergency situation requiring the curtailment of certain fundamental rights and freedoms. However, it must be equally emphasised that, in the event of an emergency like what persists in Ghana, human dignity cannot be curtailed or “traded off”.

“…CHRAJ  wishes to advise the high command of the security services to take the necessary steps to strengthen the professional standards and bahaviour of security personnel to ensure that they operate within the ambit of the Constitution…,” a statement signed by Commissioner, Joseph Whittal said.

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