The Board Chair for the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, Dr Emmanuel Bombande has stated that claims presented by separatist group in recent attacks should be considered as irrelevant as Ghana has for over 60 years enjoyed cohesion and unity.

“The separatist group is simply an opportunist organisation that is seeking to subvert the will of the people who voted to join Ghana in the plebiscite of 1956,” he said speaking with Nathaniel Dadzie on JoyNews’ PrimeMorning.

He stated that the group have shown no respect for the principles and values that informed the plebiscite.

According to Dr Emmanuel Bombande, the separationist group has no legal basis to seek engagement with state officials over the alleged state of “Western Togoland”.

He refuted the assertion by Former MP of Hohoe, Kosi Kedem who insists that the separatist group needs to be engaged by the government because they have a legitimate claim for independence.

He revealed that the actions of the separatist group are a time-wasting strategy that can lead to destabilisation in the country.

Dr Emmanuel Bombande urged all Ghanaians to appreciate chiefs who have used their positions of influence to condemn the attacks.

Following the recent arrest of the persons suspected to be members of the Group, Dr Bombande said the human rights of the arrested suspects should not be violated in order not to incite further violence from the secessionist group.

“The human rights of the 31 currently on trial should be respected so the separatist group does not capitalise on any abuse.

“This will exemplify that the modern democratic state of Ghana takes care of everybody with fairness and equity,” he stated.