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Coach Duncan pays homage to Jones Attuquayefio

Head coach David Duncan last Sunday afternoon stormed the residence of his mentor Sir Cecil Jones Attuquayefio to pay homage to him after guiding him to his first trophy as a Hearts of Oak coach.

Duncan, was received warmly by Sir Cecil and his family who were happy with the visit, though it was a short one. According to Duncan, the main purpose for the visit was to pay homage to the legendary coach whom he added was his mentor, a man he never takes any coaching decision without consulting.

“He (Jones) is my father when it comes to my coaching career. Whenever I needed any advice he is the person I come to and so far, he has been very helpful to me in terms of his sound advices, comments and contribution to me in my career,” Duncan mentioned.

He revealed to this reporter that when he was approached by Ashgold to coach, he first went to Jones at the Liberty Park to seek his advice since he (Jones) had served in that same capacity, years ago.

“Like I said I never do anything in my coaching career without first consulting him and just as I consulted him when I was approached by Ashgold, then Goldfields, I again came here to seek his counsel when Hearts of Oak approached me to coach the team.”

“He gave me a few tips on how to coach a big Club like Hearts of Oak and how I can succeed and I think so far so good. I gave him an “assignment” that he should follow my activities with the team and that I will be back for an assessment, so I’m here to once again listen to his good counsel.”

On his part Sir Cecil Jones Attuquayefio was full of praise for the Hearts coach whom he said is doing very well considering the positioning of the team before he took over the team. “This is one gentleman whom I respect a lot and I believe he has done well so far for both himself and Accra Hearts of Oak as well.”

“All that he has said is very true, he never does anything in his coaching career without consulting me and I love him for that. I can see that he is on point and I believe he will make it big with Hearts. However I must warn you against complacency, especially when the praises start.

Hearts of Oak supporters will shower praises on you, but when you get swollen headed and is affects your judgment for the team, then surely you will start having troubles. I have been in the same situation and it wasn’t pleasant. But I believe in you and can see a bright future for you with Hearts.”

Attuquayefio who seems to be improving advised the coach to manage some crises that may befall him with certain big shots in the club adding that “you cannot please everybody all the time”.

“Hearts of Oak is a very big Club and as such every member of the Club will want to bring his or her player to the team at one point in time. It’s not a bad thing, but learn how to manage and work around it.

Indeed you are looking for good players to play for the team, so why not give everybody a chance. But like I said you must find a way to work around it so that you don’t disappoint anybody. If the player is not good, then tell whoever brought him and give reasons, explaining what you were looking out for.”

Jones further added that the supporters will need to help the coach in the sense that, they will have to pray for him so that he succeeds. “This is a good coach and I am happy that he is the one handling Hearts of Oak at this point in time.

What I want the supporters to do, is to do more of praying for him and the rest of the technical team and with the support of all we will again become ruthless in both Ghana and in Africa.”

Meanwhile the coach has since left for a two week coaches training course in Prampram.