When China realized the increasing reports and how their hospitals were overwhelmed with the rising numbers, they quickly put up a massive hospital in record time to house the ailing and growing number of patients affected by the virus.

All throughout the times, success has always come to those who prepare – the early bird they say catches the worm.

But l believe in the Akan proverb that states that “It is God who drives away the insects that seek to bother the animal without a tail” – and that seems to be the case we have in Ghana. We are like the animal without the tail and God knowing this has gone on ahead of us to prepare for us.

We are all aware of our inadequate resources when it comes to medical facilities and how devastating it will be when the virus carries on without pardon; and we start experiencing a mass number of community infections. Where would our people go to seek medical attention or quarantine when there’s not been enough beds for pregnant mothers and patients who are sent to hospitals on emergency?

These are some of the concerns l have had all week that caused me a lot of distress. But God being so good, he decided to give me a wonderful gift on my birthday – l woke up this morning with a “vision” of how God has gone ahead to provide for mother Ghana. Without our knowing, he went ahead to prompt many church founders to put up church buildings for such a time as this. What better use could our empty church buildings be put than to serve the very people whose contributions (seed, tithes and offerings, special offerings etc) have helped to put up these edifices?

God has made it possible that now more than ever, the church buildings will truly benefit the communities in which God with his prior knowledge allowed them to be situated in.

Our government need not worry about places for treatment and quarantine because our men of God are anointed (sent), just as Jesus was, to proclaim the year of the Lords’s goodness, to heal the sick, and to bring salvation to the people. We all believe they (starting with those who dined with the president at his recent breakfast prayer session) will co-operate with the government but even more, they will rise up and initiate discussions with the government over the use of these church buildings [under their ownership/authority/control] for the benefit of the same people they have come to serve/save.

I am aware we need more than buildings, we also need personnel and beds and so many other medical supplies – but that’s not the point of my write-up; l only want to share the solution that God showed me regarding our Church buildings. l believe the government will be less burdened with this provision and will be able to find the rest of what is needed. Christians all over will also volunteer – those who are medical doctors will avail themselves as those who are nurses and lab technicians etc. I also avail myself with my skills in organization and administration and whatever else l am able to bring on board.

While at this, let me also add a message for our president – that as he puts up that cathedral, may he consult with professionals so they build it to serve as a medical hospice when we have an emergency such as this.

God through COVID-19 may be changing the way Church is done – and cathedrals may no longer be needed. Jesus will never be offended that we didn’t build enough cathedrals to worship him from, he is rather concerned by the many people whose lives can be saved if we will open up our hearts and use our resources to serve/save them. Are we listening?

May God continue to go before us and bless our homeland Ghana.