Sales expert and trainer, Mawuli Ocloo

Sales expert and trainer, Mawuli Ocloo says most sales companies attach emotions to unsuccessful operations, hence their inability to identify between a good and bad customer.

According to him, these organisations do not take their time to observe their mistakes nor analyse the situation, hence lose customers.

Speaking on the last segment of the September edition of MasterClass on Joy FM, he emphasised the need for such sales organisations to adopt the win-loss strategy.

“This is very important because it gives you an idea of why did we lose this deal, why did we not get it. In sales, we sell based on rational basis but a lot of sales organizations take defeat emotionally, so at times we do not take a step back to do an analysis.”

“Some industries will do attrition rate–the churn rate. In fact, I know in the insurance business especially life insurance, that is also very important and to some extent telcos. It’s very important. You would want to know the quality of customers your team is onboarding,” he explained.

He further explained that sales are done on rational basis and should not be attached with emotions.

Mr. Ocloo made this comment while suggesting some strategies sales companies can adopt to effectively drive sales.

He indicated that the key performance indicators (KPI) are controllers used to calibrate measurement of success as well to be able to find out achievements people are making.

“It’s important simply because it helps in coaching, decision making and crafting strategy, that’s why these key performance indicators are vital. So there are two broad indicators that I’m going to look at. That is what we call the lagging indicators and the leading indicators,” he said.

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