The Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), Eric Oduro Osae, has lauded the Audit Unit of the Ministry of Education for its outstanding performance in good financial management practice and the protection of the public purse.

He, therefore, charged the unit to extend the good practices and professionalism to other agencies under the Ministry also to maintain the prudent management of resources and accountability in their agencies.

Dr Oduro Osae made the observation when he inaugurated a six-member Audit Committee of the Ministry on Thursday in Accra.

The six-member Audit Committee is chaired by Seth Anaglate from Internal Audit Agency, with the other members being Madam Marian Ofosu Dankyi from IAA, Daniel Boateng Ansong from the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana.

The other members are Catherine Appiah Pinkrah, Madam Mavis Asare Donkor, and Divine Ayidzoe, all from the Ministry of Education.

“The Education Ministry is one of our good clients due to the professional way of work by the team of auditors in financial management practices and supervision, and I urge you to keep the good work up for the good of the nation”.

He also urged the audit committee to liaise with the management of the Ministry to adopt the best financial management practices to safeguard the public purse towards the development of that country.

The Chief Director for the Ministry of Education, Benjamin Gyasi, stated that the role played by auditors in the country cannot be underestimated.

He, therefore, urged auditors to remain professional and abide by rules and regulations at all times so they would be able to serve the nation in diverse ways towards the socio-economic development of the nation.

The Chief Director assured the new audit committee of the management of the Ministry’s support to ensure that they played their roles effectively to develop education in the country.

On behalf of the team, Mr Seth Anaglate, the new Audit Committee Chairperson, pledged to work very hard to ensure that the public purse was protected at all times.

He pledged to follow the laid down governing structures, rules and regulations binding their operations to ensure that that staff of the ministry and the agencies under it adopted prudent financial management practices for the country’s good.

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