The only female nominee by President Akufo-Addo for the MMDCE role in the Volta Region has been finally confirmed.

Miss Emily Emefa Adzimah is the first-ever female District Chief Executive for the Agortime Ziope District.

After being rejected in the first voting process, Miss Emefa Adzimah managed to secure 20 out of 22 votes during the second voting process.

Miss Emilia Emefa Adzimah in a speech after her confirmation said she will be responsive to the socio economic development of the district.

“You have confirmed a District Chief Executive who will listen to you, a Chief Executive who will be responsive to the Socio Economic Development of the District. A Chief Executive who is for popular participation. A queen who will make sure government policies are executed effectively and efficiently,” she said. 

She noted that Agortime Ziope District has seen a lot of progress during the tenure of her predecessors and she will continue from where they left of.

In order to carry out her promises, she called for unity among the people and also support from the the assembly members and stakeholders.

“I wish to assure all present and most especially the good people of Agortime Ziope that I will do my best to ensure that Agortime Ziope will see immense development during my tenure, “Miss Adzimah added. 

On his part, the Volta Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Yao Letsa commended the assembly members for confirming the only female nominee and urged them to help her achieve the purpose she was nominated for . 

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