“Predator Energy Drink”, the new affordable energy drink product distributed by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company and official global energy drink partner of Liverpool Football Club, has named two prominent Ghanaian musicians from the Northern Region, Fancy Gadam and Maccasio, as brand influencers.

At the core of Predator’s brand is the fierce spirit and the desire to control one’s daily journey.

The promise Predator gives their customers is to deliver the energy they need to take control and dominate each day, as expressed through their tagline, ‘yɛ wild.’ Thus, they have built a customer base that loves the energy drink for its refreshing taste and the energy boost it provides for their daily activities.

The consumer love is evident in the northern part of the country, where the locals have given Predator a unique name, ‘Jangbazor’ (Tiger Head), which refers to the brand’s logo. Thus, it is only fitting that these two top names in the Northern Region entertainment scene represent the brand as influencers.

Fancy Gadam and Maccasio embody the attitude and energy of the Predator brand. Their personalities and music are vibrant, and stage performances are deeply passionate and energetic, which align with the brand’s attributes.

The new brand influencers are also persons with very inspirational stories, as they developed their careers from ground zero to the top; hence, they are excellent models to the Ghanaians hustlers.

Customers, especially in Tamale, can now expect thrilling consumer activities and collaborations with these beloved artistes as there will be many opportunities to meet and interact with them as is the practice when influencers are onboarded.

They will be engaging in football-related activities and partnerships in Tamale and other parts of Ghana.

 Predator Energy marketing team is excited about the collaboration with these stellar musicians and will come up with more exciting collaborations that will be unveiled very soon! They are looking forward for the many opportunities this will bear for the brand and for the Ghanaians energy drinks consumers.