The Chief Executive Officer of Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA), Alhaji Gilbert Iddi says the report by the Finance Committee of Parliament that SADA’s has invested GHC15million into guinea fowl production in 2012 was not accurate.

He told Afia Pokua on Adom FM’s Nea Mehunu political discussion show that the report created the impression that SADA has solely embarked on a guinea fowl project at the cost of GHC15 million, but that was not exactly the case.

Mr. Iddi explained that SADA used that money to buy 40% shares in a guinea fowl production company, which he refused to name, but it has now come out the company is Roland Agambire’s Asongtaba.

The SADA Boss further explained that the company has acquired plots of land in Tamale, Bolgatanga, Wa, Brong Ahafo and Volta regions to put up infrastructure rear the guinea fowls and process their meat for both the domestic market and for export.

“The facilities would also have hatcheries for eggs production, which would be supplied to guinea fowl farmers across the country,” he said. “There would also be cold chain facilities to transport guinea fowl meat from the production area across the country.”

Alhaji Iddi said the essence of the project is to boost guinea fowl production in SADA area, and thereby increase the incomes of guinea fowl farmers and reduce poverty in the area.

Meanwhile, SADA has given another GHC1million to the Roads and Transport Ministry, and Alhaji Iddi explained that the money was lent to the ministry to be refunded from it budget for this year.

He said the one million was give to the ministry in 2012 and another GHC4million have been given to the ministry from SADA, for the portion of the Eastern Corridor road from Wulensi to Bimbilla, but all that would be refunded.

SADA also invested almost GHC33 million into afforestation, and Mr. Iddi said that investment was informed by the ongoing climate change and global warming.

He explained that the investment was grow five million trees and seedlings to green the SADA area, so the authority employed 5,000 youth for the purpose.

Mr. Iddi said he is surprised at the issues being raised by the Parliamentary Finance Committee, but they have taken the challenge by the committee to take journalists to see the projects.