The suspects being held for allegedly planning to destabilise the country are said to have planned to kidnap President Nana Akufo-Addo and his Vice, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.  

According to the editor-in-charge of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, he has seen video footages of the plot which also revealed the men intended to seize the two foremost gentlemen of the land at a public event. 

The videos yet to be tendered in evidence were taken by spies planted by the state who infiltrated the camp of the alleged ‘coup’ plotters. 

Government in a statement on Monday said a joint security operation last Friday led to the retrieval of several arms, explosive devices and ammunition from locations in Accra and Kpone-Bawaleshie in Dodowa.

The Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah disclosed that the operation was to neutralise an elaborate plot targeted at the Presidency, and with the ultimate aim of destabilising the country.

“The arrest and seizure come after 15 months of surveillance and gathering of evidence on the activities of the prime suspects and others,” he said.

State Prosecutors on Tuesday pressed charges against Dr Frederick Yao Mac-Palm, Dornyah “Ezor” Kafui (a local weapon manufacturer) and Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu (aka BB or ADC) a freight manager for their involvement. 

On Friday, senior military officer, Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli and a civilian employee of the Ghana Armed Forces, Gershon Akpa, were also slapped with the charge of possession of explosives and ammunition without lawful excuse for their roles. 

Although many have doubts about reports of the group’s action, Mr Kweku Baako told JoyNews’ Newsfile host, Samson Lardy Anyenini, Saturday that he has seen the “crucial evidence” government is talking about. 

“I have been able to watch video recordings, I’ve been able to listen to audio recordings and I am convinced beyond doubt…the scenarios where they even contemplate kidnapping of the president. They contemplate a situation where…and this will come out in court.

“They contemplate a situation in which the president, the vice president, the Chief of Defense Staff and some other top shots are at a congregation, have congregated at a place to explore that thing they were doing there,” he said 

Dr Mac Pam is alleged to have led the development of 22 Improvised Explosive Devices. Mr Baako says in the video, the doctor himself is seen with those building the IEDs. 

“You see the guy manufacturing with the doctor present. This is video and they talk of exploding this thing which with projectiles come out like nails come out…yes like needles rather. And then also some chemicals that will make you…you go off; they contemplate that.

“These are things that they were discussing and doing …you see the manufacturing in action. They are doing it, but you see they had been infiltrated so it was the infiltrators who were videoing and recording for 15 months,” he said.

Mr Baako who credited the security agencies for their “defence intelligence” was emphatic there is nothing fake about what is being reported.

“The meetings where they held deciding to recruit is all in my view this not one of the fakes, although there have been fakes before,” he said.



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