Food for the soul daily: God of the voices

We never know what God has for us until we are ready to listen.

He talks in stillness and faintness but ours is to listen and hear His voice, His words, His admonishment and what it says. 

Ours is attentiveness to His call and views, the lines will be clear as life and death, where we must thread and walk, where we must seek to pursue and work.

When we walk with the Lord in the light of His word, when we trust in his Good words, He abides with us still and when we obey His call He lives within us still. 

God of the voices speak but once, He calls but once yet twice must we hear and twice as much must we do.

He hears us too. He does our will. He makes us proud. He washes us whole and paves our path. He stands with us and anoints our head. He breaths through us and anoints our paths. 

He hears us in our pain, our groans and hurts. And loves us with greater love than pain, that in his life and light we might find love and perfection. 

Hear Him and He will hear you. See his love and he will see your pain.