Ghana makes strides in cashew production

Ghana has been announced as one of the leading countries making strides  in the research and production of cashew  with an estimated eight hundred kilos per hectares. 

This was announced by the executive director of the competitive cashew initiative ( comcashew ) Rita Weidinger at the 4th edition of the master  training program held in Ho.

The five day training program which is aimed at promoting the African cashew value chain is  a joint initiative of the Comshew and the African cashew alliance with support from the Cocoa Research Institute, Ghana (CRIG) and  the Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Rita Weidinger says, Ghana continues to lead the way in high yields of 800kg/hectares as against the international benchmark of 1500kg/hectares.

She added that processing remains a challenge in Ghana and the sub-region.

MD for African Cashew Alliance, Mr. Ernest Mintah urged stakeholders and government officials to improve every level of the cashew value chain.

He also added that there is  the need for the  promotion of the best farming practices to ensure increase in production, the adoption of good post harvest techniques, food safety and increased awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of cashew along the value chain.

Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture in charge of Perennial Crops, William Quaittoo, who chaired the programme, noted that there is the need for cashew farmers to be properly sensitized in order to improve their yields.

The first session of the fourth edition of the master training program for cashew value chain promotion held in Ho is  aimed at increasing theoretical knowledge and skills of African cashew experts along the value chain and to promote the competitiveness of African cashew.

The program provides platform for 71 African cashew experts from 12 countries including Zambia, Mali, Benin, Tanzania, Togo, Gambia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana to share and discuss how to build national and regional network for future collaboration .