Ghana has been ranked 3rd in Africa for building the capacities of institutions and its citizens to effectively monitor the use of its natural resources.

According to the 2013 African Capacity Indicators report, Ghana made great strides in instituting the necessary policies to get more from its minerals.

The report ranked 44 countries in Africa mainly on policies instituted to successfully monitor natural resources.

The rankings revealed that Ghana did very well against other resource rich nations like South Africa and Angola.

Chair of the African Capacity Building Foundation and author of the report, Dr. Frannie Leautier tells Joy Business Ghana has made great strides in the management of its natural resource.

“The second area Ghana focused on was the capacity to deliver development results, so the average citizens can see that the country is actually moving forward… But we are very pleased because Ghana has a very strong civil society that oversees the regular tourist sites.”

But economist, Dr. Joe Abbey tells Joy Business despite this commendation, Ghana still needs to do more.