Ghana would be a social welfare state that is, if the December polls tilt in favor of the Independent Peoples Party.

The party is poised to implement a social welfare system in Ghana where it would allocate on monthly basis 20 cedis to every Ghanaian child through their parents’ accounts at the banks.

This would exclude children whose parents are rich. The party also hopes to implement a Tertiary Income Support by paying every Ghanaian student in tertiary institution both public and private, 30 cedis monthly separate from the student loan. The social welfare system would also include an unemployment benefit of 50 cedis to those between 18 and 65 years and a senior citizens benefit of 60 to that not on pension fund.

IPP Founder Kofi Akpaloo espoused this vision when he appeared on Joy News’ current affairs show pm:EXPRESS Tuesday.

According to him, this vision will cost the state some 6 billion cedis yearly which would be recouped through tax returns to the state. It is not clear how he wishes to fund this grandiose vision but Mr. Akpaloo says the first six months of his term when voted into office would be to implement a proper address system and then allocate a social security number to every child from birth to aid the implementation of the social welfare system.

The purpose of running a social welfare state he explained is to sustain homes and cut back on graduate unemployment which has risen to gargantuan heights in recent times. Also the move is to help grow small businesses which would in turn create jobs. “By putting money in pockets, you stimulate the economy; generate demand activities which will lead to job creation.

We will create a 0% graduate un-employment rate”, he offered. IPP’s message this electioneering year is creating wealth and the party believes it can do that through a social welfare system.

Playing down comments that he is an NDC man in disguise, Kofi Akpaloo said “the NPP is struggling with its campaign, Nduom is not ready to be president, NDC is capitalizing on Mill’s death to win the election”, which leaves him ready and poised for the president if he is endorsed at his party’s 29th September congress as flag-bearer.

He noted he will sweep all the votes in the strongholds of the two big parties.

Mr. Akpaloo’s conviction that he would win the election stems from a belief that the Holy Spirit is what is motivating him especially as he says “I dreamt of Jerry being president, Kufuor and then Mills. I have now dreamt that I will be president this year. Whatever I dream comes to pass. I will win the elections”.

When Stephen Anti pointed that Dr. Nduom could not manage even 2% of votes in 2008, Mr. Akpaloo calmly told him not to compare him with Nduom who has money but lacks the flare to mount a successful campaign to win elections.

In 2004, Mr. Akpaloo came second behind Dr. Kwame Addo Kufuor with over 10,000 votes in Manhyia when he contested as an independent candidate. This he said, is impressive and shows he has the mettle and wherewithal to win the 2012 elections at ease.