Farm Radio International, an agribusiness Non-Governmental Organisation, has appealed to the government to enforce laws on the use of measuring scales across-the-board to standardise produce in the Agribusiness value chain.

In a statement to mark the 2020 National Farmers Day, Farmers Radio International (FRI) congratulated farmers for their hard work in feeding the nation and producing cash crops for foreign exchange.

A statement signed by the Country Director, Farm Radio International, Mr Benjamin Fiafor, and copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said without the use of weights and measures for selling farm commodities in Ghana, there can be no meaningful agribusiness in Ghana.

Mr Fiafor said broadening the scope of agribusiness and extension services delivery through extensive use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and the introduction of measuring scales were the obvious choices to achieving results in the agricultural sector.

He said Farm Radio International, in collaboration with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) under the Directorate of Extension Services, was rolling out the Digital Agriculture Advisory Services Strategy and Plan (DAASSP) project to offer digital advisory services to farmers.

This, he stated, would help in scaling up agribusiness and extension services delivery, especially amid Covid-19, and its difficulties with physical extension work.

Farm Radio International is, therefore, calling on the government to promote and enforce the adoption and institutionalisation of standards, weights and measures for trading in agricultural commodities to enhance agribusiness in Ghana.  

Stakeholders including the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ghana Standards Authority, the media, development partners, farmers and the public were urged to join in the nationwide campaign on the use of standards, weight and measure in Ghana.  

This year’s national event is on the theme: “Agribusiness Development under Covid-19: Challenges and Opportunities.”

Mr Fiafor also commended all hardworking farmers who were contributing to the growth of agriculture in the country.