The crippling strike by doctors demanding better conditions of service can be resolved if Ghanaians are ready to pay more taxes, Chairman of the Finance Committee in Parliament James Avedzi has said.

Following a stalemate between government and doctors, James Avedzi says Ghanaians must brace themselves for more taxes if the demands of the doctors are to be met.

“Then the alternative is that we accept the position of the doctors and we give more money to the government to meet what the doctors are asking you, that is paying more taxes” he told Joy News’ Mamavi Owusu Aboagye.

James Klutse Avedzi

 He argues that the demands for better conditions of service should not be seen as one directed at government but rather on the taxpayer.

The strike by doctors with the Ghana Medical Association which began nearly a fortnight ago is entering its final phase on Friday.

The doctors will decide whether to activate a decision to resign en masse.

The Finance Committee Chair rehashed claims by some government communicators that the new conditions of service being by the GMA will cost the state 2 billion cedis annually.

“We are getting 32 billion cedis [in revenue] this year and 25.3 billion cedis is coming from taxes that are paid by you and I…if we don’t pay that tax, government has no money”, he said.

“Where will the president get the money from?” he wondered.

President Mahama

Under the current budget, James Avedzi explained that the demand will cripple government’s ability to build roads, keep the taps in homes running and build schools.

“Our development will stall”, he gave an implication.