The Ghana Grid Company, (GRIDCo) has signed a partnership with CSQUARED, Africa’s leading wholesale open-access broadband infrastructure provider, for the leasing of its excess fibre capacity to mobile network operators and Internet Service Providers in Ghana.

The partnership is expected to support CSquared to provide internet connectivity to underserved communities in the country through mobile network operators.

Speaking at a short ceremony to sign the partnership, Chief Executive of GRIDCo, Johathan Amoako Baah noted that this will not change its mandate from power transmission as it leverage on its infrastructure to provide another social service.

GRIDCo’s operations involve the use of an Optical Ground Wire System (OPGW), which serves to protect the nation’s transmission system against lightning strikes. This OPGW can also be utilised as fibre for communication purposes.

In 2017, GRIDCo’s Business Unit – GRIDTel – commenced operations with the sole aim of commercialising the excess fibre capacity available from the OPGW installations, by leasing it to telecommunication companies in Ghana.

Broadband connectivity is a powerful catalyst as well as an anchor for economic and social advancement through the creation of jobs and multiple business opportunities.

This partnership will enable the deployment of broadband infrastructure to deliver high-speed data services to businesses and homes especially in the more remote areas of Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and other underserved areas in the country. It will promote the country’s journey towards achieving its digital transformation agenda.

“What is significant about this partnership is the benefit it will bring to the average Ghanaian in terms of internet broadband access and affordability. Our efforts in this area ties in perfectly with the government’s digitisation agenda. In an age where technology is dictating the pace of everything we do, no one should be left behind in harnessing its power and we are committed to helping enforce that.”

Jonathan Amoako-Baah, Chief Executive of Ghana Grid Company Limited said:

Public Private Partnerships hold the key to upgrading broadband infrastructure to next generation networks and driving the future advancement of ICT in emerging markets. The partnership provides an attractive alternative revenue source for GRIDCo and gives CSquared new opportunities to drive digital transformation in the sub-region.

In the partnership, CSquared will deliver customer and technical support, network security and last mile connectivity, ensuring a better, safer, faster customer experience.

Chief Executive Officer of CSquared Group, Lanre Kolade, highlighted the direct benefits of the partnership to Ghana:

“Every day, broadband is connecting the unconnected. From education to health care to economic opportunities, more people in Ghana continue to benefit from living in a fully digitized world. This partnership goes a long way towards achieving CSquared’s goal of democratizing connectivity and achieving #InternetForAll.”

 Government’s commitment to achieving universal and affordable access to the internet by 2030 makes infrastructure investment critical.

This partnership aligns with this goal of driving the digital transformation of Ghana by leveraging government assets through Public Private Partnerships.

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