Renowned Investment Broker, Sam Ankrah, Business Mogul Sam Jonah and Chief Executive of RLG Roland Agambire are to be given special honors at the Annual Ghana UK based Achievement (GUBA) Awards.

According to organizers they are rewarding the three gentlemen for their outstanding contribution to the Ghanaian economy.

Dentaa Boateng is Founder and CEO of GUBA Awards, and she told JOYBUSINESS “these awards were given to them because they have achieved so much and have done so much for the Ghanaian economy. They have all achieved greatness.”

She noted that “Sam Ankrah is an investment broker and has brought a lot of investors into Ghana – everybody knows Sam Jonah and what he has done over the period, and Roland Agambire is a living legend – the rlg brand is known all over Ghana. We need to acknowledge, encourage and appreciate them.”

The Awards will be held in London on November 10 to honour other 21 individuals and businesses. Online news portal, has also been nominated for best online media at this year’s GUBA awards