Founder and flagbearer of All People’s Congress (APC), Dr Hassan Ayariga, has announced Mr Frank Yaw Kuadey, an Accountant, as his running mate and launched the party’s 2020 manifesto, in Accra.

Dr Ayariga described Mr Kuadey’s nomination as his Vice Presidential candidate as “divine”.

“The nomination of Mr Kuadey is not by chance, but a divine assignment to partner Dr Hassan Ayariga to win the 2020 elections,” Dr Ayariga said.

Mr Kuadey is married with five children, and hails from Agbozume, in the Volta Region.

The APC flagbearer asked the running mate and the rank and file of the party, to hit the ground running on changing the minds of the electorate on opting for a change, rather than “recycling” the current Ghanaian political leadership.

“I want to see him dirtying himself, preaching to the Ghanaian people, that there is a new leader, not recycling of NDC or NPP, but that change is coming”.

Launching the manifesto, the APC Founder, described the content as polices rather than promises and pledged to run a campaign of peace before and during the elections.

“If 2020 is about policies and manifestos, then we have already won the elections.”

He urged the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) to stand against any violence in the upcoming elections.

“I appeal to the NDC to dump their ‘boot for boot’ and the NPP to dump their ‘Charlie wote to Charlie’. We’re not going to war,” Dr Ayariga said and appealed to the flagbearers of the NPP and NDC to commit to a peaceful election.

“If people are going to die for me to be president, I’ll never be president in my life,” Dr Ayariga said.

Describing Ghana as having a “disgraced democracy,” and tired of NDC and NPP, Dr Ayariga assured Ghanaians of better democratic governance under his administration through institutional reforms and also promised to tackle corruption head-on.

The APC flagbearer questioned the country’s expenditure on the import of $1.2 billion on rice annually and stressed that the APC had designed policies for the nation to return to the consumption of local foods.

Also, the APC would create a debt recovery fund and initiate legislation to ensure that all persons who want state appointment would pay any debt owed the state before taking up an appointment.

On the environment, Dr Ayariga said, an APC Government would ensure that residents would come out themselves and desilt all choked gutters in front of their houses themselves.

He also announced a dividing of the Upper East Region into two and the Ashanti Region into two.

The APC would also come out with training and investment funds for head porters, locally called “kayayei”.

Also commercial private public transport (trotro) operators would be given loan facilities to own their own vehicles.

On mining activities and concessions, Dr Ayariga assured the electorate of policies that would put the Ghanaian first in giving out concessions.

He assured the electorate of better electricity supply as well as functioning streetlights, saying “I’ll put streetlights in every corner.”

On nationalism and allegiance to Ghana, the APC Government would designate a day when “everyone would hoist the flag of Ghana in his or her house to remember that we owe allegiance to Ghana.”