The Deputy Director of Capital View Hotel in Koforidua, Ernestina Djumor has admitted directing the search on some staff of the hotel for some missing cash.

She however says it was not a nude search as an earlier publication related.

Ernestina Djumor said private security personnel from Thomas Security conducted the search on four employees but never took off anybody’s attire to reveal their nakedness.

Informants, including some who had undergone the search, had indicated in an earlier story that some unspecified number of staff had been stripped naked in process of searching for missing cash at the hotel.

Ernestina Djumor narrated that on the morning of May 18, 2011, officials of Thomas Security posted to the hotel reported to her that they suspected two male and two female workers for the theft, since they had consistently been reporting to work at unusual times. Based on the report she approved a suggestion by the security personnel to search those four employees.

She said however that the search was carried out in the office of the security personnel, where neither she nor Harriett Djumor the cashier was present.

Ernestina Djumor added that the security personnel reliably informed her that the employees were asked to empty the contents of their pockets and their bags, but never made to take off their clothing.

A female security official from Thomas Security claimed she searched the two female employees while a male colleague searched the two male employees. She also insisted that none of the four employees was stripped naked and challenged any of the “suspects” who claimed to have been stripped to come forward to deny her claim.

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