On Wednesday between 3 pm and 6 pm a 30-year-old community football coach drowned in the Odaw river in Accra after a foot chase.

The deceased escaped arrest and started a foot chase, however, the reason for the arrest by the police remains unknown.

Residents of the area, Adabraka who witnessed the event said that the football coach was pursued by two police officers and was an informant.

“They were pursing him so well that at a point I thought it was an attack. I think that’s why he tried saving himself in the lagoon.

“I saw it from a distance but the people who stood behind the policemen told them not to enter the water or else they will shoot,” a resident recollected.

In protest to the conduct of the police officers, the Adabraka residents chanted and marched to the Adabraka police station.

The deceased body was dumped at the station and nearby properties including a taxi were vandalised and destroyed.

Three vehicles in total were allegedly vandalised by the aggrieved residents from Adabraka who save a fellow resident.