The Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide, Kweku Baako has said he has regretted his truant days as a student in Half Assini Secondary School.

Mr. Baako,a disscusant on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana program, reminisced while discussing the suspension of 400 final year students of the Kumasi Girls Senior High School.

“I am feeling guilty doing analysis on the behaviour of students because as for the conduct of the students, I did a lot of terrible things much worse than what the students have done”.

He said as a student at Half Assini, he broke bounds and travelled all the way to Accra to watch Twum Chaka- a popular musical group- perform. With the benefit of hindsight, he said his truancy has cost him.

The decision to suspend 400 final year students en masse was taken when authorities found out that the students sneaked out of campus during the Easter festivities.

The editor who was labelled “Truant-In-Chief” on the programme, condemned the action of parents of one of the affected students who attempted to confront the headmistress of the school over the issue.

“I see no basis for any parent to have a problem with the action of the school authorities. I am surprised and worried that parents would not understand this”.

Mr. Baako said that moving from being “truant-in-chief” to editor-in-chief was progress.

The senior journalist set up the Crusading Guide newspaper in 1998 and went on to win the coveted GJA’s Journalist of the Year in 1999. He was named the 69th most influential Ghanaian in 2011 by ETV Ghana.

He concluded “I am better today than I was then.”