The Chief Executive of the McDan Group, Daniel Mckorley, has hinted that the idea behind the opening of the new private jet terminal is to create jobs for the teeming Ghanaian youth.

According to him, there are enormous opportunities in the aviation industry which he expects local entrepreneurs to take advantage of especially with the coming in of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement as well as Ghana hosting its secretariat.

Speaking to Journalists after an official ceremony to open the biggest private jet terminal in sub Saharan Africa, Daniel McKorley emphasised his commitment to supporting the growth of the Ghanaian economy.

“I built this facility to create jobs for the youth because I see a lot of opportunities in the sector that we as businesses and entrepreneurs can leverage to alleviate the suffering of our youth in both Ghana and Africa as a whole.”

“The idea of a private jet terminal is to target all business players that want to catch up with a short business in the country or close some deals and catch a flight within some short possible time” he said.

First of its kind in the sub-region, McDan Aviation’s private jet services will cater for high-end clientele with a sense of optimising luxury, and for corporate executives seeking to leverage quick and efficient commute for the purpose of business.

The occasion which was graced by captains of industry and business owners was used as a platform to unveil services to be offered by the terminal which is situated at the Kotoka International Airport.

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