The Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners (IHRMP) held a one-day forum in Accra as part of efforts to advancing human resource management practice in the country.

The forum under the theme, ‘Aligning HR to the Attainment of Business Results’ was attended by a host of HR Practitioners and Managers from 52 organizations.

President of IHRMP, Dr. Edward Kwapong, underscored the fact that the only constant in life is change and that the frontiers of knowledge and discipline keep on changing hence the need for professionals and for that matter HR Practitioners to pursue Continuous Professional Education.

Referencing his recent publications – ‘The Human Resource Glass Ceiling’ to buttress his point, Dr. Kwapong reiterated the modern HR Practitioner must demonstrate a strong leadership role by understanding the business and aligning Human Resource practice to the actualization of the vision of the business.

The 2018 HR Forum, Dr Kwapong said was being held in response to a popular request and in line with the continuous professional initiative of the Institute aimed at updating knowledge of HR Professionals in Ghana.

Concluding his remark to participants to take full advantage of the Forum, Dr. Kwapong challenged HR Practitioners to transition from the traditional administrative roles to more of the strategic – to the attainment of business results.                          

Taking his turn, an Executive Member of the National Governing Council of the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners and Facilitator of the HR Forum, Isaac Sackey urged HR Practitioners to move from what he described as ‘ivory tower’ roles to the business action spots at the strategic level to be part of business.