Peter Drury

International commentator Peter Drury has given insights on what goes into some of his best moments running commentary in top-flight football.

The seasoned professional is noted for his use of poetic diction, a development that has won him worldwide recognition among football enthusiasts across the globe.

Speaking to Gary Al-Smith on the ‘Football After Covid-19’ edition of PM Express on May 19, Mr. Drury explained that thrilling occurrences on the field give an individual an opportunity to paint an accurate picture to the audience.

“Those are remarkable moments because they stand out and something special has happened. You’ve been fortunate to be the guy with the microphone who is in the position to articulate the events on the sports fields.”

He believes these extraordinary events make the craft exciting to articulate, an instinct which Mr Drury is undoubtedly armed with.

“Just once in a while, something flies at me which is beyond normal and those are the tests of your instinct. And it’s nice if once in a while, you pass that test,” he said on JoyNews.

The wit demonstrated in his dealings emanates from his love for ‘words’ which he says is fortunately useful in his line of work.

He also advised upcoming commentators to be authentic in their practice if they are to develop to their fullest potential.

Peter Drury was on the show with sports journalist Kwabena Yeboah, sportscaster Robert Marawa and international commentator Jon Champion.

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