An educationist is calling for revision of the Ghana’s school curriculum to include creative thinking and innovation.

Theodosia Jackson who is the principal of Jackson Educational Complex believes it is crucial in solving existing national issues.

Speaking with Luv News, she noted that the youth play an important role in realising this agenda.

“We are confronted with myriads of problems which need vibrant and well nurtured young people to defy the odds in solving existing national problems,” she said.

Mrs Jackson reiterated the need for the government to pay attention to technical and vocational by resourcing the sector. 

She believes the sector provides the solution to graduate unemployment.

“Technical and vocational schools must be promoted and resourced adequately to enable students undergo rigorous practical training for sustainable livelihood and job creation,” she said.

She added, “Technical schools are not meant for students who are academically handicapped but people who are poised to solve challenges and create jobs for themselves and other people.

“We should make technical education more competitive as this will reduce graduate unemployment among the youth.”