Engage Now Africa (ENA), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has marked the International Literacy Day by reiterating calls on government to attach more importance to education amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Commemorating the day under the theme “Literacy and learning in the Covid-19 crisis and beyond” on Tuesday, Country Director for ENA, Cecilia Amankwah said Ghana’s educational sector was deeply hit by the global crisis.

She however noted that ENA’s adult literacy programme has gone virtual to continue to carry on with its efforts to improve literacy rate figures in Ghana and other parts of the world.

“Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19, ENA did not renege on their responsibility with regards to Adult Learning Literacy. Amid Covid-19-induced closure of the school, ENA enrolled 300 adult learners at the beginning of the year and graduated 200.

“The icing on the cake is the blend of vocational skills with the knowledge gained by these learners. The skills training included soap making, batik, tie and dye, hair pomade, detergents, etc.

“This expresses Engage Now Africa’s ardent belief, which agrees with UNESCO, that literacy alone does not make the learner complete until there is a blend of both skills and literacy.”

According to her, the new normal has been amazing since online platforms such as Whatsapp and other social media apps have given learners variants options to participate during classes.

“As a result, these adult learners have not missed out on any relevant topic or lesson in their curriculum.

“This experience has been amazing as success stories have come from learners who have been assisted by their children and spouses in doing their assignments and submitted them to their facilitators on a timely basis.”

Madam Amankwah also revealed that, learners are undergoing training in the production of hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, and face masks through a vocational skill training program in the Greater Accra, Volta, Eastern and Ashanti Regions.

She was optimistic that, after completion of their training, the learners can go on to produce for their families as well as for commercial purposes to improve their living standard.

“Corporate bodies and organizations are welcome to partner or support this wonderful program, which is transforming lives to improve the well-being of our society.

“As we celebrate International Literacy Day in this eventful year of Covid-19, let us remember to invest in education. This will give us the strength post-Covid to say ‘education won’.”