Intimidated Chinese investors are reportedly packing out of the country. That is according to the President of the Ghana-China Chamber of Commerce.

Daniel Antwi Boasiako said the Chinese feel threatened by the actions of the Ghana Immigration Service and the personnel of the Ghana Army.

The security services in a bid to clamp down on illegal mining in Ghana, especially by Chinese immigrants have raided the illegal mines owned by the Chinese settlers.

Over 50 of the Chinese workers have been arrested and will be repatriated after further investigations.

The arrests of the Chinese workers have raised issues about a possible diplomatic row between Ghana and China but Ghana’s President John Mahama has been quick to dismiss any such fear.

He said the development will not in any way affect the relationship with China.

He cautioned the media against possible stereotyping, insisting, the laws of Ghana must be respected and whoever breaks it, irrespective of which country the person comes from, will be dealt with.

He said Ghana’s relationship with China is on “solid ground.”

But Antwi Boasiako thinks otherwise. He said the Chinese have begun packing out of the country for fear of being attacked by the security personnel.

The Chinese immigrants claim some gold bars and other properties belonging to them were looted when the security personnel raided their offices, an allegation the Ghana Immigration Service has denied.

The Service is expected to release an official statement later today on the matter.

Meanwhile, an International Relations expert Vladmir Antwi Danso doubts if the action by the security forces will strain Ghana’s relationship with the Chinese.

He said unless it can be proven that there were infractions in the implementation of the laws, the action by the security forces cannot hamper relations with the Chinese.

He said Ghana’s laws are to be respected across board by all citizens and Chinese are no exceptions. If they break the laws they have to be dealt with, he stated.