Credit: Ghana Music

Veteran highlife musician Rex Omar is the latest to add his voice to the never-ending debate on the building of a National Cathedral proposed by President Akufo-Addo.

He has stated that the edifice will not glorify God, but rather praise Satan.

He shared the strong opinion while speaking to Joy Entertainment’s Kofi Hayford, at the VGMA Summit 2022, held at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra, on June 21.

According to Rex, the National Cathedral is being built on lies; stating, “I’ll call it a den of Satan not a Cathedral.”

The GHAMRO chairman defended his assertion by explaining that the government should have been honest with citizens on what its true intentions are.

He appeared to be bothered by the fact that the idea of building the National Cathedral was sold to Ghanaians as a private project but has currently metamorphosed into a public project that requires huge spending of the tax payer’s money.

A perturbed Rex Omar wondered, “From day one they said it’s private, now all of a sudden they said it’s a state project. You go to the Registrar General’s [Department], they said it’s private.”

The singer believes there are many concerns surrounding the cathedral that makes it unholy, including “breaking all procurement laws, sole sourcing,” amongst others.

He is of a firm belief that “this cannot be [God’s] cathedral because it’s based on lies and the Bible says Satan is the father of all lies and everything that is based on lies is not of God.”

The Ghanaian populace has been divided into two unequal halves, with likely the bigger half disapproving the building of a National Cathedral in times of distress.

However, the ruling government has overlooked the cry and concerns of its people, proceeding to begin the building of the National Cathedral, touted to rake in income through its artistic and tourist appeal.