Traders at the Konkomba Yam Market in Accra are demanding the suspension of plans by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to relocate the market.

According to them, the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the heat of the 2012 election campaigns, promised to maintain the market at its current location and reconstruct it to an international food market, if it is voted into power.

The traders, therefore, say they feel deceived by government as the AMA is determined to close down the market, which has been in existence for over three decades.

Since its establishment in October 1981, the market has become the main source of food supply to people from all walks of life across the country and also offer employment for over 5,000 people.  The Konkomba Yam Market is also said to be the largest Food market in West Africa.

Addressing a news conference Wednesday, Solomon Tamanja,  spokesperson for the traders said they find the eviction order "strange".

"We are saying that the attempt being made today by the Mayor of Accra to remove the market to another location is strange since we were promised that the same market will be reconstructed to befit an international food market after an NDC victory in 2012. So what has happened? Is the NDC not in power in Ghana? Are Konkombas not Ghanaians? What about the Onion Market, which belongs to foreigners from Burkina, Mali and Niger? Where are they also going? This is discrimination at the highest order against Konkombas and organised by President John Mahama’s government and NDC party."

He described the move as a violation of their human rights and called for the intervention from the National Peace Council, else they will use every available means to resist it.

"We have the money and the necessary logistics to change the face of the Yam Market. The Konkomba Yam Market Association must be allowed to stay here and develop their market. Any deceit by AMA or His Excellence John Mahama-led government to re-allocate the land will be resisted," Mr. Tamanja stated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tamanja is also unhappy that the Konkomba's have no representation in the NDC administration despite posting 12 legislators to the current Parliament – Eight on the side of the governing NDC and Four for the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

"His Excellency, John Mahama rewarded his own ethnic group (Gonjas) with 12 ministerial appointments and counting…; 11 ministerial appointments for Dagombas and zero (0) for the Konkombas, even though for the record Konkombas are second in numerical strength (if not first), in the Northern region and influence close to 20 parliamentary seats in the combined Northern region, BrongAhafo and Volta North".