Dauda Mohammed is but a wee teenager.

But the Kotoko prodigy has taken the First Capital Plus Premier League by storm with seven goals so far and he's confident the scoring form can continue at the national team level.

The striker is determined to prove he is not only a club-level wonder as he prepares to lead the Black Meteors' lines at the All Africa Games in Congo Brazzaville next month. But does he feel the pressure?

"I'm looking forward to seeing what I come up against and how I deal with it," Dauda told Adom Sports.

At 19, he's enjoyed a fantastic breakout season in the elite division with the champions, and his eight goals in all competitions has been rewarded  form that earned him Meteors call-up.

"I'm confident in my ability, as I have been my whole career that I will be capable of maintaining my form, if not improving, year in year out. I have scored goals wherever I've been. It is something that comes naturally to me.

"All goal scorers go on droughts. You come up against challenges in life and its how you deal with that that defines you.

"And it is not just about scoring – it is about what you bring to the team, working hard bringing others into play, getting assists. That's all part of the game as well."
The Meteors, led this time by coach Malik Jabir, will aim to defend the gold won by the 2011 team led by former Ghana boss Kwesi Appiah in Maputo.

Ghana’s U-23 men's team will face Nigeria, Egypt and Senegal in Group B.

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