Kwabena Yeboah wants controversial midfielder Sulley Muntari back in the Black Stars setup.

The Milan player has been on an indefinite suspension since the infamous fiasco in Brazil where Ghana's World Cup campaign degenerated into a farce. The player had been embroiled in fisticuffs with a Ghana FA official.

But the veteran broadcaster feels it's time for the experience of the 30-year old.

"Sulley is one of the most consistent players we have hard in the past, and I think that if somebody deserves to play again Sulley should be considered."

But his return, should it happen, would divide popular opinion as many feel the player's famous temper remains a problem. Yeboah however feels that midfielder's service to the country in the last decade must count for something. 

"He has never turned his back on the Black Stars. he has been loyal through thick and thin and I don’t see why he is still not in this team," the broadcaster told Accra-based Happy FM. 

Spurned chance?

Sulley has had the chance to publicly apologize for the incidents in South America through the work of the 2014 World Cup Commission led by Justice Senyo Dzamefe.

But all attempts to get his side of the story have proved futile.

Speaking to the state-owned Graphic Sports newspaper last December, a member of the Commission, Moses Foh Amoaning, said his outfit had tried engaging Muntari via Skype, but the player had declined the request. saying he [Muntari] did not have access to the Skype facility. 

Foh Amoaning also said the Commission had spoken with Muntari’s father to persuade his son to co-operate – all to avail.

Grant's view

Should Muntari return soon, it will be Avram Grant who would have to work with the player.

The Isaeli's view on the matter is clear, having told the media at his unveiling that he was keen to talk to Muntari, Kevin-Prince Boateng (who is also on indefinite suspension), or any other Ghanaian player so long as the players accepted his tenets at all times.

He said in December: "I think when you are going into a new situation you don't need to look at the past. You need to look for a new beginning, but to see the good things and the bad things from the past and learn the things that we can do better."

But the Ghana FA, on their part, have stated on several platforms their openness to forgive the player, but only if he shows public remorse for his actions.

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