Simple ways to blending and juicing without a juicer

Simple ways to blending and juicing without a juicer
Source: Radiant
Date: 17-12-2014 Time: 04:12:32:pm

You have been following the juicing lifestyle for a few months when your juicer breaks down. What do you? Does this spell the end of your commitment to getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet? It does not have to be. Despite the convenience and efficiency of a juicer, there are ways in which you can get your juice or smoothie without the handy juicy machine.

1. Blend it. Gather all your fruits and vegetables. Wash them thoroughly and cut into small pieces. Gradually add the cut pieces in a blender and watch them go from solid to a delicious blended smoothie. While there may contain a few chunks of solids, your smoothie will contain the goodness of veggies and fruit.

2. Sieve it. Don’t want a smoothie, but want a juice?  Take a sieve and put it over a bowl. Blend your fruits and veggies as mentioned above and pour the smoothie into the sieve. Use a spoon or other solid utensil to force the juice through the sieve. Save the pulp that remains in your sieve for baked products and other cooked foods, it contains healthy fibre which your body needs to fight disease.  Enjoy the juice that strains through the sieve.

3. Mash it. No blender? No problem! You can still enjoy the benefits of a smoothie by simply mashing your fruits and vegetables. The caveat is that you may need to do a little prep work before you start mashing. Pick the ripest fruits and vegetables, these are soft and easier to mash. Be sure to choose vegetables that can be easily mashed when cooked. Think roots vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and beets. Peel the veggies, cut them into small pieces (optional, but beneficial) and boil in water. Once they are soft and mushy, drain them and save the water for later use. Place the cooked veggies in a bowl and with a masher, mash them until smooth. Add the soft fruit as desired and use the cooled liquid from  boiling the veggie to thin the smoothie. Mash and add liquid until desired thickness is achieved.

A broken tool does not have to deter you from following a healthy lifestyle. Use the resources you have around you to create the health you want to have.

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